I need health insurance but can’t afford it, please help?

shorty937222000 asked:

I am a 22 year old female, I work full time at a minimum wage job that does not offer benefits. I am a diagnosed bipolar and need medication for it that I can’t afford without insurance. I also need health insurance because I need to pay for therapy, medicine for over active bladder, acid reflux, insomnia, and muscle injury. I have a lot going on and need to know if there is any way I can get cheaper insurance. Please help me.
I live in California

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Question about getting declined for health insurance?

lilly asked:

First of all I’m a 25 year old female physically fit no health conditions. I have never been to the doctor except for last August. For some reason I was feeling light headed which was I Believe due to stress. At the time I did not know what is was, so I got concerned and went to the doctor. That was a big mistake because now I have gotten declined twice for health insurance because of this. At the doctors they took blood samples which all came back negative, then is just went away so I never went for a follow up. Anyways, should I just not waste my time trying to look for another health insurance? I’m currently in college, so is it just better to wait till I get a job and get insurance with them? And cross my fingers that I don’t get really sick!
PHP pear

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supplemental health insurance?

Medtran01 asked:

I am a healthy 40-year-old female with no major medical problems. I recently acquired health assurance (as I am self employed) at my own cost. My premiums are $149.00 a month, with a $1200 deductible. Are there any supplemental insurances out there for healthy adults to kick in when your primary insurance has such a high deductible? I know there are supp. insurance for people whom are on Medicare, but that is not the case here. I am healthy, 40 years old, with no kids.
Radiology schools

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Questions about health insurance?

Angeln asked:

I’m 22 years old, and haven’t had health insurance since i was 18 and no longer on my moms. I’ve never really had a regular doctor, haven’t been to the doctor in the last 8 years maybe unless i was sick and needed antibiotic or something. I’ve been living with my boyfriend for 4 years, were planing on getting married, but maybe not until next year. He can get insurance through work, but hes not sure if he wants theres. I’m not currently working so i need to find some affordable insurance, I’ve been having some female problems that i need to discus with a doctor, but the doctor we’ve been going to charges $75 just for the visit.. and i don’t wanna know how much tests and stuff would cost and well i don’t really like him much. But anyway. i need some advice about finding insurance.. . Idon’tt really know how to go about starting to look. i mean loodon’t online theres like a million websites about it and its impossible to tell whats real and whats crap, i dont know what to look for, or how much to expect to spend? Any advice would really be helpful.
GED online

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What is the average cost of Health Insurance adult woman who is a Registered Nurse per month?

Alina P asked:

Health Insurance for a
fit woman???????

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what is the cheapest car insurance for women college students?

Smurf asked:

19 year old female.

1999 Toyota 4runner

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Why does it cost more for a man to get automobile insurance than it does a woman to get car insurance?

hardcoreamishpimp asked:

I know back in the 80s it was because men were in more car accidents, but nowadays, it’s about the same, yet men pay more for their insurance than women do? At least that’s the way it works in Canada.

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What should the insurance company charge the woman for the policy if it would like to make an expected profit?

kdocimo90 asked:

An insurance company plans to sell a $150,000 one year life insurance policy to a 38-year old woman. On the basis of mortality rates for women of her age and back-ground, the insurance company determines that the probability of the woman dying in the next year is 0.00104. What should the insurance company charge the woman for the policy if it would like to make an expected profit of $45?

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What is the cost of a doctors appointment without insurance for a woman that is pregnant?

LaLa asked:

My boyfriend’s ex girlfriend says she’s pregnant and says it is about 300 per visit. Help me out folks! thanks!

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I have a 88yr old woman for life insurance?

Chitra R asked:

I have 77 yr old and 88 yr old ladies for Life insurance.
77 yr old wants for $100,000 without medicals.
88yr ol wants $25000 without medicals. Do u have an idea which company does Life ins for these people?

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What is the best independant insurance for me (woman) to get Health insurance with a maternity benefit?

Lisa L asked:

My husband’s job keeps changing their insurance and I m going through fertility treatment (now on Clomid) but i’m afraid if they change it again, it will be considered as a pre exhisting condition or they wont pay benefits when we do get preggo. I’m looking for an insurance just for me that I can pay & not have to worry about his company. PLEASE HELP…i would like to do this soon.

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What is that Insurance commercial with the man and woman having an conversation?

Pro Gamer asked:

I am asking for someone else, but I was wondering what was that insurance commercial when the insurance man calls the woman to tell her that her payments where later and later, then she completely stopped paying, I know someone who wants this insurance, but can’t think of the name of the company.

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Health insurance pregnant woman?

Mike asked:

I know it is a hot button issue right now. But here is my situation. I married a beuatiful girl from South Korea and we just found out that she is pregnant. She is about a month along and I am stressing because I don’t know the first thing about a good insurance company.

Who can tell me a good cheap insurance company for a woman that is a non resident of the US and who is pregnant?

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What should a pregnant woman, with no insurance, do to get treated in the hospital?

Benson asked:

My fiance is pregnant. She hasn’t been eating for two days. We do not have any health insurance. We live in Houston, Texas, USA. She needs to go to the hospital. We can’t affort it. What could we do?

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